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A Message From Your Friends at Focus Physio about COVID-19

Please be assured that Focus Physiotherapy continues to follow the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 (coronavirus) and we are taking all appropriate measures to make sure our clients are safe and feel comfortable.  We do not want to encourage or contribute to any panic, but we take your trust seriously and aim to be good stewards of those who are in our care.

‍While Focus already maintains a very clean clinic environment – we regularly disinfect tables, equipment, and laundry as well as hand wash between clients – we are now taking the following additional steps to reduce risk and ask yousistance in this process.

If you are a current patient at Focus Physiotherapy...

  • We will have masks available for patients should you want one.
  • If you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms or fever, please do not come to therapy.  Contact your physician to make an appointment and report your symptoms.
  • All equipment will be disinfected between each use by a client.
  • Curtains will be pulled between tables at all times to provide an additional barrier between clients.
  • Focus has placed commercial grade air purifiers powered by infrared state of the art technology in each facility which have been proven to destroy viruses and bacteria.
  • If you have any concerns about attending therapy, please call our office.
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