Is it worth the drive?

What is worth your drive? Would you sacrifice your ability to be active in exchange for a little bit of convenience?

Don't buy into "the new normal."

My sister lives out of state, so when she sprained her ankle and needed physical therapy she chose the most convenient location.  After a couple of months her ankle might have been a little better, but she had not been able to get back to running and was still having pain while walking. 

Her therapist told her, “this may just be your new normal.”

What?!? Since she had not resumed running and was still experiencing pain while walking, I told her she needed to find a new PT.  I visited her to assess her ankle and saw that there were some very important pieces to treatment that had not been done.  I knew her ankle was not as good as it could be.  Within two visits at her new PT, she noticed a significant improvement. 

What is worth your drive? 

What is worth your drive? In the long run, are you okay sacrificing your ability to be active in exchange for a little bit of convenience?

Unfortunately, people don’t “shop” for PT until after a bad experience.  Whether insurance assists in your payment or you are paying out-of-pocket for your PT treatment, there will be a cost – both financial and time.  It is important to make sure you are choosing a PT who will make sure your resources are used wisely. 

At Focus Physio, we are committed to getting to the source of your pain quickly so we can get you back to your life quickly.  Maybe your pain only shows up on mile 7, or you lack that last little bit of shoulder range to get in position for a bar squat. Maybe you just want to get down on the floor with the grandkids, or swing a golf club without any pain.

Know that you have a choice. Not all therapy is created equal. Don’t settle for one-size-fits all, cookie cutter therapy. It's your health on the line! Come see us at Focus.

Ready to Get Free From Pain?

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