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Here at Focus Physiotherapy we care about offering the highest level of medical care for our clients, helping them move freely everyday. With custom tailored therapy solutions and hands on manual therapy techniques we have the expertise to help you move pain free.

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Our diverse team of highly specialized therapist are trained to help you live life pain free. With years of combined experienced, our team is dedicated to staying informed on the latest treatments to help you live life to the fullest.

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Focus Physiotherapy is truly dedicated to helping you and we have the reviews to prove it. Maintaining the highest quality of care for our patients is what we do everyday. Here are some of our most recent reviews.

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Focus has been amazing at helping me with my needs. I had a knee surgery and everyone was so kind and patient with me getting off crutches and getting me back to where I need to be. I will always highly recommend focus physiotherapy to anyone who needs PT

Makennah Morring

I came for care after a shoulder injury. Saw Russell for my therapy and he was excellent! He really listened to me and my concerns and did the best for me. He did dry needling and that was my first experience doing it. It was awesome and really made a difference. It's great that they have so many different options for therapy and they definitely do what you need most and don't stop until they get you to your goals. Ashton, June, and Dakota (therapy techs) were so kind and knowledgeable and made me laugh every day. Bree, at the front, was kind and understanding and helpful with my weird schedule. I would recommend them all 100%!!!

Cassie Robinson

Great experience.  Brandon is very knowledgeable in treating my complex conditions.  I really like how every session you spend a good amount of time with a physical therapist.  Other places I have been to I just saw the PT once at the beginning.  Their staff are also very responsive and pleasant. Highly recommend.

Todd Aycock

Focus physiotherapy exceeded my expectations.  The providers and staff were friendly and welcoming from my first appointment.  Russell and his team provided a safe space to heal.  I appreciated the time Russell took to answer my questions and help me understand how my knee and back pain was related.  He took time to listen and then adjusted exercises based on my needs.  I feel better than I have in years!

Ellen Knapp

I had a weird issue with my chest and Brandon was able to locate the muscle causing my discomfort and we were able to focus treatment from there.  We also improved the mobility in my spine and neck.  The staff here are professional and they do their best to listen to you and identity your problem.  Great overall experience.

Kyle Reese

I have been very impressed with Dr. Russell Cook and his entire staff at Focus Physiotherapy! Loving shout out to Russ, Ashton, Dakota, June, and Keonna! Professional, informative, helpful, friendly, and always kind!! Highest recommendations possible 😁👍👍

Charlotte Dombrowski

Focus is a great group of people who are all knowledgeable in their field. They helped diagnose and create an exercise plan that has alleviated many of my symptoms and should prevent further issues. Highly recommend!

Ben Riggs

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Get free from chronic pain! Life is too short to let pain call the shots. Physical therapy is the best way to regain your health – no drugs or surgery necessary.


When you move better, you live better. I built our practice on the simple truths of helping people live better lives.

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Join us September 3rd for a free joint and movement evaluation. Our very own Hunter Hardman will be leading a class on the importance of functional movement and offering free hands on therapy. Enter your email to be added to the invite list.
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