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When you move better, you live better.

Focus Physiotherapy uses the best physical therapy practices to help you get healthy without pills or surgery.

Huntsville founded. Huntsville owned.

Manual Physical Therapy |  Huntsville, AL  |  Madison, AL

You can live free from chronic pain!

Living in pain is not a normal part of being human, getting older, or leading an active life.

We know the frustration of feeling stuck in pain – it can be scary, isolating, and downright depressing. We’re here for you! Our physical therapists have dedicated their careers to guiding you on the path to healing. No matter what hurts, we’re here to help you get free from chronic pain and back to enjoying life.

Have you tried other physical therapy, but it didn’t work for you? Maybe you fear you’re “too far gone,” or you have no idea where to start. Maybe you just want to swing a golf club, play sports, or get down on the floor with the kids without soreness afterwards. No matter where you’re starting, Focus Physiotherapy is here to coach you on the path to a life free from pain.

Ready to Get Back to Living?
“The best PT group in the area by far. At other facilities I was handed a cookie-cutter set of exercises and only evaluated by the therapist at the start and at discharge from therapy. Focus is far more individualized, hands-on, and comprehensive. I highly recommend them.”
Lee B. ★★★★★

Getting started is easy – no doctor referral needed!

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    Schedule a Visit with Focus. Give our friendly team a call at (256) 883-0636 or message us to schedule a visit and ask any questions you have about therapy. We accept all insurances!
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    Physical Therapy Sessions. After a thorough hands-on evaluation, we will build a unique plan around your specific needs and goals.
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    Get Back to Enjoying Your Life. Get free from chronic pain! Life is too short to let pain call the shots. Physical therapy is the best way to regain your health – no drugs or surgery necessary.

Manual Physical Therapy |  Huntsville, AL  |  Madison, AL

When you move better, you live better.

Manual Physical Therapy |  Huntsville, AL  |  Madison, AL

"When you move better, you live better."

– Jonathan Zecher, Founder, Huntsville Native

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Get your life back! We treat...

Back Pain
Ankle and Foot Pain
Hip Pain
Dizziness and Balance Issues
Elbow Pain
Neck Pain
Tendon Problems
Wrist and Hand Pain
Sports Injuries
Migraines and Headaches
Women's Pelvic Health
Ready to Get Back to Living?

Manual Physical Therapy |  Huntsville, AL  |  Madison, AL

Expertise right at our fingertips.

Focus Physiotherapy has an average 5 star rating online.

"Therapists are knowledgeable, respectful, and encouraging. It's a very pleasant yet professional atmosphere. I'm even progressing ahead of schedule! Focus truly cares about their patients."
Nancy L. ★★★★★
“I felt that I truly mattered as a patient. I experienced great success in my therapy. I would recommend Focus to anyone who needs physical therapy. Best in the area!
Megan C. ★★★★★
“Awesome place to go get fixed! I was waking up every morning with migraines, but Focus has given me relief and I feel so much better. Make an appointment. Don’t keep suffering!”
Carolyn F. ★★★★★
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Manual Physical Therapy |  Huntsville, AL  |  Madison, AL

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2246 Winchester Road N.E. Suite 300

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